Why Choose Us

The Kidtastic Time program has been developed in line with the "Healthy Kids" guidelines and the developmental milestones for each age group.

An example chart of milestones:

AGE - 15 mths - 2 Years

Begins running
Walks easily and turns corners
Can carry a toy while walking
Can climb onto furniture without assistance
Picks up objects from the floor without falling over
Walks up and down steps with support

AGE - 3 Years

Imitates standing on one foot
Simple limb movements eg, lift both arms up together
Climbs ladders and jungle gyms
Walks up and down stairs using alternate feet
Can walk on tip toes
Jumps with 2 feet together
Catches using body

AGE - 4 Years

Stands on 1 foot for up to 5 seconds
Can throw a ball overarm
Can kick a ball
Can catch a bounced ball
Able to walk on a line
Can hop on 1 foot
Jumps over an object and land with feet togther

AGE - 5 Years

Can walk up stairs while holding an object
Can walk backwards toe - heel
Catches a small ball using hands only
Jumps forward 10 times without falling

We also have just introduced MUSIC  with bells and drums AND singing to all our programs!!

At Kidtastic Time we strive to encourage gross motor skills in a spacious, safe and supervised environment.
Kidtastic Time is not just about "free-play". It is a structured program where children are taught skills through pre-programmed activities. Each session will allow your child to explore several different skills using varied equipment suited to that skill.  In addition, there will also be some free play / discovery stations withiin each session.Our instructors are trained in use of all equipment and are experienced in child interaction. And most importantly... we know how to have fun!